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About the Artist

Stephanie Gallagher is an Australian born artist living and working in France. In 2010 she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School (NAS) in Sydney, Australia. At the beginning of 2012 Stephanie moved to Lyon, France, and is currently living and working in Paris.

Stephanie works largely with oil paint, but also includes film, instillation, and drawing in her practice. Her work is focused around fluid nature of existence. Exploring where the boundaries lies between one’s self and the surrounding space. Stephanie opens a conversation with her audience, inviting them to respond to the questions she asks herself: “What makes up who I am? Is it my physical body, memories, thoughts, my potential? To what extent do I really exist? Where is the limit to what I call myself and what I call other?”

Stephanie explores these questions with reference to sea and sky. Observing our connection to these bodies of water and their cycles through sky and sea. Water takes on many forms and passes through nearly everything. It flow through rivers out to sea, it evaporates into the sky to form clouds which then rain back down, it freezes and melts and is drank and passes through all living things. We are around 80% water. So we could see these vast bodies as an extension of our own body, or that we are an extension of it. Our connection is more than just a physical one. The Sky and sea open a place in our minds to dream, to remember the past or think on the future, to be in wonder. It allows us to be bigger than our everyday selves, to see how tiny and enormous we are.



Stephanie Gallagher est une artiste australienne qui vit et travaille en France. En 2010 elle a obtenu un bachelor des beaux-arts à la National Art School (NAS) de Sydney. A la fin de son cursus, elle a été récompensée par une résidence aux Queen Street Studio à Sydney. La résidence s’est terminée par une exposition solo intitulée « Self & Space » (Soi et l’Espace).


Début 2012, Stephanie a déménagé à Lyon, puis à PAaris où elle habite depuis. Son travail actuel explore la nature transitoire de la vie et de l’existence à travers des paysages de ciels et mers. Ces ciels et ces mers ne sont pas seulement des paysages mais ils représentent le caractère fluide et coulant de l’humanité ; en posant la question suivante : quelle est la limite entre ce qui est soi-même et ce qui est autre ?


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